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Vancouver, BC
Est. 1990

Bean Around the World

Bean Around The World was founded in 1990 in Vancouver, during the second-wave coffee boom. The specialty coffee brand was ahead of its time, as consumers were seeking new coffee experiences and moving away from big supermarket brands.

With its flagship store in West Vancouver, Bean Around The World quickly grew with the opening of more independent locations around the city. Each location was known for its adaptability and unique atmosphere, offering its community a gathering place unlike any other.

To keep up with demand, a roastery was established on the North Shore, supporting the brand's 23 locations and loyal coffee subscribers. Bean Around The World prides itself on using only the highest quality arabica coffee and crafting each roast on demand, ensuring freshness for every customer.

Each Bean store is individually owned and operated, playing a crucial role in its community by connecting and giving back. The brand's success has allowed it to make a positive impact beyond Canada, including the building of a schoolhouse in Finca Carrizal, Honduras. The project has facilitated the education of over 1,000 children and continues to support the school and surrounding community.

With 30 years of coffee excellence and community impact, Bean Around The World is a brand to be celebrated.

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