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Gatineau, QC
Est. 2016

Brown Bag Coffee Roasters

Brown Bag Coffee Roasters won the Thr3dwave Coffee Roasters of the year 2020 in Ottawa-Gatineau. They specialize in using fluid bed roasting technology to create a clean and healthy roast, and their goal is to make specialty coffee accessible and understandable to the community. Despite the nuances of brewing and drinking coffee, they pride themselves on their knowledge and patience, making it less intimidating for those interested in learning more about specialty coffee.

BBCR has been operating for 7 years and boasts a talented team of baristas, including Kianna, Anika, Marie-Pierre, and Stephanie, who handle customer service, order fulfillment, and delivery. Kyle and Dana are responsible for BBCR's marketing materials and social media.
To all the coffee lovers out there, BBCR encourages them to stay curious!

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