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Toronto, ON
Est. 2019

Hexagon Coffee

Hexagon Coffee is a specialty coffee roaster based in Toronto that is passionate about sourcing and roasting the highest quality coffee beans. They specialize in sourcing unique, high-quality green beans directly from farmers in Asia, where they have been blown away by the complex and subtle flavor profiles of the coffee beans they've tasted during their travels.

Their passion for coffee and sensory experience is reflected in their roasting process, which is carefully crafted to bring out the best possible flavors in each bean. From sourcing the green coffee beans to roasting them to perfection, Hexagon Coffee believes that every step of the coffee-making process is a journey towards the perfect cup.

One of their main goals is to provide customers with more choices and diversity in their coffee selections, so they can enjoy brewing and drinking coffee that is not only of exceptional quality but also unique and flavorful. By introducing North Americans to the incredible coffee beans of Asia, Hexagon Coffee hopes to create a more accessible and diverse coffee culture that celebrates the sensory experience and unique flavors of coffee.

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