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Calgary, AB
Est. 2020

Motherlode Coffee Roasters

Motherlode Coffee is a unique coffee brand hailing from Calgary, Canada, and boasts the distinction of being founded by the only female and LGBTQ2+ coffee roaster team in YYC. Their mission was to shake up the coffee industry with distinct flavors and give back to charities that focus on gender equality. One of the founders being born and raised in Lima, Peru, there is a special connection to every coffee they create, with Peruvian beans always being included.

But why the name Motherlode? The founders, being two women who have been fortunate enough to pursue their dreams as entrepreneurs, believe they have hit the jackpot in life. They may not have wealth, but they feel incredibly rich in experiences. They hope their customers feel the same way and that every sip of their coffee makes them feel like they've hit the Motherlode in life.

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