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Edmonton, AB
Est. 2017

Ohana Estate Coffee Company

Ohana Coffee is a coffee company that has a deep appreciation for every aspect of coffee. They love the mystique and beauty of its origin, the passion in planting and harvesting, and the processing and roasting that brings out its unique flavors. After being in the coffee industry for two decades, they combined their knowledge and passion for coffee with their family's love of the Hawaiian Islands and created Ohana Estate Coffees.

The name Ohana means family, and every cup of Ohana Coffee supports a local Alberta family. Ohana Estate Coffee is dedicated to bringing people together through great coffee. They carefully select amazing coffees from sustainable farms and roast them to perfection, so that everyone can enjoy their next cup. As a young Edmonton family, they understand how busy and stressful life can be. They believe that a great cup of coffee can help start your day off well, provide the pick-me-up needed in the afternoon, and be the calming end to a workday.

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