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Republica Coffee Roasters

Republica is a fair-trade, organic roaster that is dedicated to providing customers with the finest and freshest artisan-roasted coffees available. They specialize in fine single estate coffees from around the word, roasted to best exemplify their flavour profiles. To make sure you get to enjoy your coffee at it’s finest, Republica date stamps all of their coffees with the date on which it was roasted. Coffee is at its peak three days after it has been roasted and should be consumed within 30 days of being roasted. Republica offers you only the best. They import only the finest Arabica green coffees available, roast them for the ultimate flavour and aroma, then prepare blends that are uniquely their own.

Their roasting process ensures complete quality control and freshness. Their quality control begins with coffee bean selection as they sift through the hundreds of beans available, then decide which are good enough to put their name on. It’s simple; by selecting only the finest green beans, they can assure you the best possible cup. Republica Coffee Roasters Inc. is founded on the traditions of a coffee oriented community, beginning with the family owned coffee farms – from seed to tree, to cherry, and eventually to the cup of coffee. We hope you enjoy their coffee!